Welcome to our server rules! Please read carefully so you can have the best experience on our server!
Rule Number 1: Griefing/Raiding
━   Griefing and Raiding is strictly not allowed. Raiding includes stealing, thieving, killing pets/animals etc.
Rule Number 2: Chat Spam / Flood
━   Chat spam is 4 consecutive messages sent back to back. If chat is inactive and the same few people are chatting, this rule doesn’t apply. | Flood would be 15 more letters with no spaces. This does not include names or actual words. (Example - Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
Rule Number 3: Arguing with another player in the in-game chat
━   If you're arguing in the main chat filling it up, it could be disturbing the community. Take it to messages, /msg or discord dm's.
Rule Number 4: Harrassment / Toxicity
━   Harrassment and Toxicity will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and please notify any staff members if you are a victim of harrassment by a player in the community. Toxcity would include repeated disprespect towards other players and/or the community. The Management team wants this community to be a safe and welcoming environment, and therefore, no mercy will be shown.
Rule Number 5: Advertising
━   Saying an IP in chat rather it be another server or an IP in general. Attempting to reference it in chat or dms will not exempt you from this rule. (Example - "Join the server with the ip <Enter IP address here>!".
Rule Number 6: Homophobic, Racial, Sexist, etc. Slurs
━   Disrespectful statements that are directed to a certain group of people (Race, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, etc.)
Rule Number 7: Inappropriate RP, Pornographic Links, or Personal Links of Any Sort
━   Sex RP, or excessive sexual references that would make other users on the server uncomfortable are strictly not allowed. | Links includes pornographic links, social media, YouTube channel link, etc. (links are allowed if they pertain to the server)
Rule Number 8: Impersonation
━   Attempting to impersonate another player or use their name as your own is not allowed.
Rule Number 9: Death or Suicidal Threats
━   Encouraging someone to harm themselves in any way will not be tolerated.
Rule Number 10: Bypassing Chatfilter
━   Bypassing Chatfilter Attempting to bypass our server chat filter by using different characters to create toxic, offensive or threatening messages. This does not apply to words that gets blocked by our system, only when attempting to bypass the filter. (This includes using /nick to bypass it to be inappropriate or disrespectful)
Rule Number 11: DDOS, DOX and/or SWAT Threats
━   Saying you will ddos, dox, and/or swat anyone even if it was meant as a joke. Actually carrying out a ddos, dox, or a swat will instantly be punished with a unappealable blacklist.
Rule Number 12: Lying to a Staff Member / Forging proof
━   Deliberately lying to a staff member in order to gain a profit, item, etc. Forging proof to incriminate an otherwise innocent player, depending on severity, may skip the first offense punishment and have the second offense punishment applied.
Rule Number 13: Blacklisted Modification
━   Any form of hacks or mods that give an unfair advantage to the normal client. If you are unsure whether or not you are allowed to use a certain mod, please ask a staff member. (case by case and the offense time will not always be followed.)
Rule Number 14: Spam botting
━   Using bots to spam messages to the server.
Rule Number 15: Exploiting
━   This includes repeating bugs, glitches, etc. to give yourself an advantage. (Depending on the severity, this could result in an instant permanent ban)
Rule Number 16: Ban Evasion
━   Using alternative accounts, a vpn, etc. to join the server while banned.
Rule Number 17: Abusing Buycraft/Chargeback
━   Abusing buycraft glitches for an advantage or even charging back
Rule Number 18: Duping
━   Using any methods to replicate anything
Rule Number 19: Buycraft Scamming
━   Scamming a user which involves a buycraft deal. This goes both ways and will not be tolerated
Rule Number 20: Encouraging someone to break the rules
━   Encouraging someone to break the rules or forcing them to break the rules on your behalf as to avoid a punishment is strictly against the rules.
Rule Number 21: Preventing Town Growth
━   Preventing the growth of another town via occupation, unless done fairly with the SiegeWar plugin, is not allowed. Greifing nearby terrain of any town is prohibited under all circumstances.
Rule Number 22: Targeted Killing and Looting
━   Excessive player killing that inhibits the progession/enjoyment of a player is not allowed. Stealing the items of another player is strictly prohibited, unless agreed upon by the other respective player.
Rule Number 23: Staff Discretion
━   What staff says, goes. We can't cover every rule and possibly account for every event. At the end of the day, everything on this list is at staff discretion.