Welcome to Azurius's rules page!
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Rules apply to all players, regardless of rank. If you find an issue with another player or a staff member in regards to the rules, please make a report via the ticket system on our discord. Thank you for your consideration.

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Rule 1: Griefing
  • Griefing includes, but is not limited to actions such as,
    • Destruction of builds
    • Looting chests
    • Building random structures around a player's town
  • In most cases, griefing is not allowed on Azurius Towny. However, griefing is allowed if builds are unclaimed and not within the terrain around a town
    • You may NOT grief builds in claimed chunks, or in the terrain around a town.
    • You may NOT directly take items from other players, regardless of whether or not the player is within a town's borders. You may only take items from other players if both parties have come to a consensual agreement.
Please claim your builds in order to protect them, WorldGuard is not always perfect in its reverting of chunks.

Punishment for Infraction:
  • First Offense: 3 day ban
  • Second Offense: 5 day ban
  • Third Offense: Perm-ban from Towny

Rule 2: Harassment & Toxicity
We encourage players on the Azurius Server to help contribute towards a welcoming and positive environment for all players. Toxicity towards other players will not be tolerated.

Punishment for Infraction:
  • First Offense: Warning/Mute, depending on severity
  • Second Offense: 30min - 1h Mute depending on severity
  • Third Offense: Staff Discretion

Rule 3: Advertising
Advertising on our server, whether it be for another server, self-promo, a certain product, etc., is not permissible under any circumstances. Posting links of IPs in chat, even if not done with the intent to advertise, is still not allowed

Punishment for Infraction:
  • First Offense: 24hr Mute
  • Second Offense: 30day Ban
  • Third Offense: Perm-Ban

Rule 4: Hacking / Mods / Macros / Clients
Clients or mods that give yourself an unfair advantage over other players on the server, is not allowed. These include modifications such as kill aura, fly, anti AFK, XRAY, etc.

However, modifications that do not, give unfair advantages over other players, are allowed! These include things such as QOL mods, minimap/world map, or cosmetic texture packs. If you are unsure whether or not a mod is allowed on the server, please feel free to ask a staff on the Azurius Discord.

Autoclicking is treated differently from other modificiations, depending on its usage. Generally, using autoclickers to bypass the anti-afk timer is not allowed, but using autoclickers to make menial tasks more manageable are allowed, as long as you are at your computer and not "AFK".

Punishment for Infraction:
  • First Offense: 3day Ban
  • Second Offense: 5day Ban
  • Third Offense: Perm-Ban

Rule 5: General Chat Infractions
Some chat infractions that are not defined enough to be put in their own rule, are listed below. These are heavily reliant on the context in which they are said, so punishments will vary greatly.
  • Spamming
    • Please do not spam on the server
  • Explicit Messages
    • We would like to keep the server somewhat "PG", so we ask that you please take sensitive topics or messages into DMs and outside of general. Just be mindful of others that may be reading.
  • Mini-Modding
    • We understand that you just trying to help, but please let the mods and admins fulfill their role. If you find another player is possibly breaking the rules, please message a mod or other staff
  • Scamming
    • Please do not attempt to cheat or scam other players on the server. Please maintain a level of integrity when interacting with the economy of Azurius Towny.

Rule 6: Threat or Attempt to DDOS / Dox / SWAT
Attempting or even threatening to DDOS, Dox, or SWAT anyone on the server is an extremely serious offense that will not be taken lightly. Saying you will do so even as a "joke" is not permissible, due to the real life consequences that these actions may cause.

Doxxing includes the sharing of any identifying information about an individual (including sharing real names without the person's permission).

Punishment for Infraction:
  • First Offense: Blacklist from the Azurius Network

Rule 7: Player Killing & Progression Blocking
Repeated player killing done with ill-intent is not allowed on the server. Progression blocking, which would be any actions done to or around a town with the intent to obstruct their progression, is not permissible

Punishment for Infraction:
  • First Offense: Warning
  • Second Offense: 1day Ban
  • Third Offense: 1 Week Ban / Staff Discretion

Rule 8: Abuse of Bugs / Glitches / Unintended Mechanics
Abusing glitches or bugs on the server is not allowed. For example, if you find a glitch that allows you to infinitely duplicate blocks, do not use it, but instead report it on the Azurius Discord! If you are unsure if a mechanic in-game is intended, please ask a staff.

Punishment for Infraction:
  • First Offense: Depends on the severity of the abuse

Rule 9: Encouraging Others to Break Rules
Please do not encourage others to break rules, or make other players to things for you in an attempt to avoid punishment. Doing so will be treated as if you committed each said infraction.

Punishment for Infraction:
  • First Offense: The punishment for the stated action you encouraged/made a player commit

Rule 10: Common Sense & Respect
You are playing a game. Please maintain a level of common sense and avoid needless drama. We're just here to have some fun.

Rule 11: Staff Abuse
The Azurius Staff should maintain a level of responsibility and fairness that is expected of them, regardless of rank. If you find that you have been treated unfairly, or met with perm abuse, please make a ticket on the Azurius Discord or directly message a staff member so that we may sort out the issue.

Rule 12: Lawerying
Please do not argue with staff or others about the semantics and wording of specific rules. The purpose of the rules is very clear, trying to "loophole" around the rules will not work

Rule 13: Staff Discretion
We cannot possibly map out every single scenario that could happen on the server, so the gaps are mostly left to the discretion of the admins or owners. Regardless, we want to maintain a level of fairness so that we can create a fun server for all to enjoy. Thank you for your understanding!